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g is a cross-platform ls, providing more features and user-friendly options
list almost all entries in directory 'g' with their git-status in long and tree view, ignoring '.git'


  1. 1.
    display items with type-specific icons and colors that are easy to be customized
  2. 2.
    display in various layouts ( grid/across/byline/tree/zero/comma/table/html/json/markdown )
  3. 3.
    user-friendly options with many aliases
  4. 4.
    distinguish file git-status with symbols
  5. 5.
    highly customizable sort/filter option
  6. 6.
    cross-platform ( Linux/Windows/macOS )
  7. 7.
    option to fuzzy match the path like zoxide with fzf algorithm

Why is it called g

Because it's written in go, and g is easy to type in keyboard
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