fuzzy match path

Q: I'm currently in path A, but I wanna list the files in path B which I don't know the exact path.

A: use g -f to do a fuzzy search. g will remember the paths you've passed to g before*, and once you pass your path args to g with -f option, g will calculate the score for each path in the index, using the algorithm in fzf project, and it will return the path with the highest score as the result, listing entries there.

*: which is store at 'UserConfigDir/g/index'

On Unix systems, UserConfigDir is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME as specified by https://specifications.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-latest.html if non-empty, else $HOME/.config.

On Darwin, UserConfigDir is $HOME/Library/Application Support.

On Windows, UserConfigDir is %AppData%.


--li list index

disable index update

by default, g will store every absolute path it receives.

use --disable-index or in short -di to disable index update.

remove index

--rm --remove-index paths

--rebuild-index remove all

--remove-current-path remove the working directory from the index.

--remove-invalid-path will try to access all the paths stored, and remove those that can't be accessed.

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